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posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 9:36 PM

This game is...


.4 left on the clock... Pryzbilla and Aldridge team up on the blocked alley-oop and this game is in the refrigerator!

Portland wins 109-107!

You can't ask for a better game than that... AND IT'S ONLY THE PRESEASON!

What can you say about those sophomores?!?! They're the new salt and pepper! They're the "Full House" version of the Olsen twins! They're "Boom-Goes-The-Dynamite" good!

Aldridge finished with 31 points and 13 rebounds... Roy finished with 22 points, including 12 in the fourth quarter, and he also had 5 assists... Oy, if this is what we're in for during the regular season, the Trail Blazers better pass out the Pepto, because they're going to cause some heart attacks!

Blogger albguy said...


Can he take over a game or what?


9:57 PM  
Blogger albguy said...

Notice who McMillian played in the end to win this game.


10:03 PM  
Blogger Arturo said...

Pepto??? Heart Attacks??? not really... try Advil and Headaches

3:20 PM  

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Blake connects...
posted: at 9:35 PM

1.2 seconds...

Time to swallow that whistle...


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One possession left...
posted: at 9:30 PM

You know, and I know who it's going to.

So does PJ Carlesimo.

Let's see if they can stop it...


And on the other end, it's WIDE LEFT! PORTLAND BASKETBALL!


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Dee-fense! Dee-fense!
posted: at 9:24 PM

NO GOOD! Rebound Aldridge!

Cue my theme music!

You'd think it was Game 7 of the Finals!

OH NO HE DIDN'T! Brandon Roy grabs his own rebounds and, using the eyes in the back of his head, manages to find Martell Webster in the corner!


And there's just enough time for two possessions, which means that Portland will get the ball back. Call my boss! Tell him I'm going to be late coming in to work tomorrow! We've got a real nail biter here in Portland!


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'Tell All About It!
posted: at 9:19 PM

Webster for threeeeeeee!

McMillan just jumped out of his dress shoes! Coach Carlesimo is fuming at the ears!

And it's a two point ball game!

The Rose Garden is going absolutely nuts! AND THERE IT IS! LaMarcus Aldridge just threw it down from the right block after a B-E-A-utiful assist by Brandon Roy and the Rose Garden just erupted into a Chalupa fueled frenzy!

Tick, tick, tick!

Down 4 and I can't even hear myself think! My apostrophe key is stuck!


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Oh boy... Oh Roy!
posted: at 9:08 PM

Back-to-back baskets for the reigning Rookie of the Year!

The Sonics lead is cut to 6 with 5:34 left in regulation!

He only has 12 points so far, but you've got to respect how Roy is getting his baskets. He's isolated, he's posted up, he's moved off screens... He's done just about everything in his power to get the little orange ball into the big orange hoop...

Also, after a quick look over to the bench, you'll notice that newly acquired Small Forward James Jones is really helping out the younger guys. As of now, he's discussing the action with Channing Frye, but earlier, he had the ear of Jarrett Jack and Steve Blake. Portland has to be excited to see what Jones can do when he's actually on the floor.

For those scoring at home, I believe that's 4 straight baskets for Brandon Roy, who now has 16 points.

It's really becoming evident, at least tonight, that LaMarcus Aldridge will carry the torch for three quarters and then he'll pass the baton to Roy for the home stretch. In many ways, Roy seems to pride himself for keeping his teammates involved, but once the game is really on the line, he knows how to take over.

With 2:59 left in regulation, it's 94-101 Sonics lead.


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Just add water...
posted: at 9:01 PM

And you've got instant offense, with this lineup.

PJ Carlesimo has abandoned his "Gregg Popovich" approach and has instead started running up and down the court with his team. He seems visibly shaken by the lineup that Coach Nate has on the floor.

Sergio, Roy, Webster, Aldridge and Frye can all shoot. They can all pass. And they can all run the floor.

From here on out, it's a chess match between PJ and Nate, but the Trail Blazers need to get some defensive stops if they want to knock off the Sonics.

It's 84-92 with 6:57 left in the 4th.


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End of the 3rd...
posted: at 8:53 PM

Good guys: 75
Bad guys: 81

But, there's two positives we're taking into the 4th quarter...

1.) The Trail Blazers are on a run. Down by double digits midway through the 3rd quarter, the Trail Blazers have cut the Sonics lead to 6 points.

2.) We're still on pace for Chalupas. 3 quarters down, 75 points- I call it destiny.

It looks like Michelle snagged the victory in the Taco Bell "Dress Up & Get Down" race to make a basket. The elementary school aged participants had to flop into sized 22 shoes, swim into a Pryzbilla sized jersey, and then slap on some gym shorts before racing down the length of the court to shoot a lay-up.

At about 4'6", Michelle didn't quite fill out Pryzbilla's jersey but she converted on her second attempt at a lay-up and took home the victory...

If you can see the look on Coach Nate's face right now, you can tell that the "Sarge" wants to win. It may just be a preseason game, but he's in full "Fourth-Quarter" mode right now. The starters, minus Joel Pryzbilla, have also returned to the floor.


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R.O.Y. part II
posted: at 8:43 PM

Roy and Aldridge, back-to-back, and the Trail Blazers have cut the Sonics lead to 7 points with 1:53 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

Only a few players have the ability to score at will, and Roy showed in the previous possession that he is one of them.

Then, LaMarcus Aldridge threw down another put-back dunk, proving essentially, that he is also one of the unstoppable players in the league today...

If you can't get enough of B-Roy & L-Train, check out this dandy. It's a little bit dated, as it was filmed right after they were drafted, but it's great to see how they handle the national spotlight.

Back to the game, however, as JARRETT JACK'S STEAL and near coast-to-coast finish has the Rose Garden rocking!

For 35 minutes, a person sitting in section 314 could've had a conversation with a friend in section 107 (all the way across the arena). It just felt like a preseason game.

Now, the Rose Garden is up, the volume is loud, and the Trail Blazers are on the attack!


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Early 3rd Quarter timeout...
posted: at 8:31 PM

Coach Nate McMillan doesn't look happy.

Normally, when the Trail Blazers call a timeout, Coach Nate gives them a chance to chug some water, towel off, and then he draws up the ensuing play.

While the players are resting, Nate discusses strategy with the assistant coaches, well away from the bench.

After this early timeout, Coach McMillan gave the players about 4 seconds to sit down and then he jumped down their throats.

The pure size of the Sonics is what has lead to this mini run to start the second half. It isn't necessarily the skill of the Sonics, it's their size. And that's what has Nate frustrated.

If smaller and quicker players can play with more emotion than their opponent, they'll make up for being undersized.

Hopefully, LaMarcus Aldridge's put-back slamma-jamma, which rattled the very foundation of the Rose Garden, can get the team fired up enough to make a third quarter run!


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Halftime at the Rose Garden...
posted: at 8:18 PM

15 Minutes of Fandom

So, we here at the "Game-Time Blog" like to introduce a new idea every now and then to keep things Snuggle Bear fresh and one idea that we’ve been playing with is a fan interview segment called "15 Minutes of Fandom." The idea is simple- Trail Blazers fans email in to the "Game-Time Blog" and we setup an email interview. It can be short, long, or somewhere in between, as long as it covers your story as a Trail Blazers fan!

For our first guest, we somewhat randomly selected Jennifer Morse from Beaverton, Oregon!

Jennie is a frequent visitor to the "Game-Time Blog," posting under the screen name SergioDaMan, and she also happens to be the beautiful girl that I’m beating up in my "" profile…

When did you first become a Blazers fan? And have you had a moment where you decided “This is my team?” *Editor's Note: I wasn't entirely sure she understood my questions, so I edited in what I though she really meant...*

  • Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m a Warriors fan, because I grew up in San Francisco and my whole family likes the Warriors, but when the Trail Blazers hired you as an intern last year, I immediately picked them as my second favorite team.

Who are some of your favorite players from around the NBA?

  • I’m a huge fan of Monta Ellis, Baron Davis and Andris Biedrins. Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and Sergio Rodriguez.

What were some of your highlights from last year?

  • Obviously, knocking off the Mavericks in the first round was huge, but watching Monta Ellis bring home the Most Improved Player of the Year trophy was pretty special. The story of the year was Brandon Roy! Without a doubt. Then, there was the #1 pick, which probably changed Portland forever.

If the Trail Blazers and the Warriors had pulled the trigger on the Jason Richardson-for-Zach Randolph deal that was rumored earlier this summer, who would’ve got the better end of the deal?

  • It’s tough to tell, because they don’t play the same position. Richardson was a really exciting player and he’d played for Golden State for a long time, so the thought of losing him was hard to bare. Plus, I’m not sure how Randolph would have fit in with the players on the Warriors.

He might’ve been Captain.

  • He might’ve slowed down our offense.

If the Trail Blazers and the Warriors ever meet in a playoff matchup, you know that you’ll be covered head-to-toe in Red and Black paint, and you’ll be wearing a Brandon Roy jersey, right?

  • I think this is something we should discuss in private. Of course!

And there you have it! As painless as a root canal, it’s the “Game-Time Blog’s” first ever “15 Minutes of Fandom” interview! Let us know if you’d like to participate!


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Sonics on the run...
posted: at 8:03 PM

If you're wondering why the Sonics have been able to make this late first half run, look no farther than their substitution at point guard.

Delonte West does a very good job of handling the Sonics offense. He pushes the ball, he finds the open man, and he makes life a lot easier for complimentary players like Jeff Green.

The Trail Blazers, however, have struggled to find a go-to guy without Roy on the floor.

The Sonics have used their size to double team and smother PF LaMarcus Aldridge, and Portland's backcourt hasn't yet made an adjustment. Coach Nate looks visibly upset, as usually indicated by his pacing of the sidelines, and I'd expect the Trail Blazers to really spread things out in the second half.

Aldridge still leads all scorers with 15 first half points.

For our halftime entertainment, Taco Bell has sponsored a shoot-around for kids age 16 and younger. Every fan that meets the age requirement gets one free throw shot for a chance to win a free Chalupa.

Speaking of, Portland fans have to be excited for the change in tempo if for no other reason than we're almost guaranteed a shot at a free Chalupa every night. I figure if I attend another 40 games this year, and we hit 100 points in 75% of them (which is an extremely manageable percentage), that's 30 free Chalupas.

30 free dinners!

Shoot, I may not even need that Christmas bonus this year... I'll just live on Chalupas!


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Pardon the rant...
posted: at 7:51 PM

But back to basketball...

Taureen Green has checked in and, honestly, he's a great fit with this team. He plays tenacious defense, he runs the floor well, and the kid can flat out handle the rock.

It's no surprise he won two championships with the Florida Gators.

With Green on the floor and Jack at the two guard, you can expect the Trail Blazers to do two things. First of all, they'll push the ball. Both Jack and Green are comfortable handling the ball and that gives the Trail Blazers two options on the break.

Secondly, they'll play zone defense. Although Green is an excellent defender, the Trail Blazers just don't have the same amount of size on the floor that they have when Roy is out there. So, usually, this means that the Trail Blazers will fall back into a 2-3 zone and take their chances that their opponent won't beat them from the outside.

Tonight, they've had mixed results. First, there was a defensive 3 second violation, resulting in a technical foul, then there was an offensive 3 in the key. The bottom line is that the Sonics aren't killing them from the outside.


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Getcha popcorn ready!
posted: at 7:37 PM

We've got the first Sergio sighting of the night, which means there's a good chance we'll see the's "Dunk of the Night."

Sergio is in a real battle for playing time with rookie Taureen Green. Thus far, Green's play has been incredible, especially considering he was a second round draft pick.

Green also has to be an early favorite for "Best Dancer."

In an unrelated note, I've been to about 40 games in the past two years, and not once have I been close to catching Blaze's basketball.

Inevitably, the Blazers' mascot will entertain the Rose Garden crowd with an array of dazzling dunks (and occassionally some basketball bloopers) and then, as the grand finale, Blaze kicks the basketball into the loudest section of the stadium. Every time he does this, I stand up and cheer my heart out, hoping one day that ball will float effortlessly from the skies and land in my lap.

Now, for those of you that know, cheering from the Press Box is extremely forbidden. I'm not really sure why, but seriously, it gets you kicked out faster than dating the principal's daughter did in high school. So, anyway, because of this, my cheering has to be proportionally louder than everybody else's because I risk my job every time I stand up and yell.

Doesn't Blaze understand this?

And still, I've never even been close to catching that basketball...


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Mr. Blazer
posted: at 7:26 PM

Formerly known as Mr. Sonic, Coach Nate McMillan has to be pleased with the play of his young squad so far. For just a moment, Coach McMillan even sat down, which you rarely see during a game.

A 13 point lead, however, isn't enough and "Sarge" is back on his feet.

Nate seems a little upset that Power Forward Channing Frye has let the Sonics frontcourt push him around a little on the low block.

It's interesting to see the difference in coaching style between PJ Carlesimo and Nate McMillan. As I mentioned previously, PJ used to be notoriously intense, but tonight he seems to be channeling Gregg Popovich. He's calm, cool and collected, even though his team is trailing by double-digits.

Nate, on the other hand, has only sat down twice, and he's been barking out orders ever since the second line stepped on the floor.

Heading into the second quarter, the Trail Blazers lead 31-24 and LaMarcus Aldridge leads all scorers with 13. Roy leads all Trail Blazers with 2 assists.


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Roy's heel...
posted: at 7:15 PM

Early on, it's important to notice the aggressiveness of second year shooting guard Brandon Roy.
Normally, when a player first returns from an injury, there's a certain hesitation in their step. In some ways, Trail Blazer fans saw that in the first game against the Kings, but tonight, there's really nothing missing from his game.

He's had two quick rebounds, 1 assist and a couple nice drives to the hoop, which has really caught the Sonics off guard. Maybe they didn't get the memo that the former Rookie of the Year is, well, pretty good.

It's also important to point out that Roy is running the floor really well. Jack seems to lead the initial fastbreak, and Roy is either starting the possession with an outlet pass or he's acting as the safety valve in Portland's halfcourt offense.

Can't complain early, the Trail Blazers are up 18 - 10 and we've already drawn 5 team fouls out of the Sonics with 4:53 left in the first quarter...


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Harder. Bigger. Stronger. Faster...
posted: at 7:07 PM

The 2007 Trail Blazers!

Luke Ridnour received a nice ovation from the comfortable crowd here at the Rose Garden. As we saw last year with Freddy Jones, Oregon basketball fans never really forget one of their own.

Aldridge, Roy, Pryzbilla, Webster and Jack round out the Trail Blazers starting lineup but your guess is as good as mine as to who will start on opening night. Webster and Outlaw have traded games this preseason at the Small Forward, and point guard Steve Blake is waiting anxiously for his chance to start.

Earlier, I predicted that LaMarcus Aldridge would score our first 4 baskets and I'm 2 for 2 so far. I also bet a close friend of mine that the Trail Blazers would hold Kevin Durant scoreless tonight...

Pretty soon, you'll have to refer to me as the Swami!

(By the way, that's 3 for 3 on the Aldridge prediction...)


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While we wait...
posted: at 7:01 PM

So, it's late at night... Raining outside... There's really no good TV on... And the lights have been turned off at your local gym...

What do you do?

If you're like me, you watch this. Over and over. Then, you just sit there and giggle, because you couldn't be more excited for the future...


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Mmmm... Juicy!
posted: at 6:50 PM

With just 13 minutes to tip-off, the Trail Blazers (led by rookie and resident dance expert Taureen Green) have stormed the floor to Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy."

It's an odd choice, because B.I.G. was an East Coast rapper, and there are two West Coast teams playing, but you can't really hate on a classic.

Also, it's important to note that third year Point Guard Jarrett Jack was the shooting around a good 20 minutes before the team was actually introduced. From my count, he finished with 4 three-pointers in a row before finally leaving one a little short to the left.

Not one to end on a bad note, Jack grabbed his own rebound and laid it in...

Ten minutes! Ten minutes to tip-off!


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A new set of PJs...
posted: at 6:36 PM

As much press as the new faces on both of these rosters have been given, it's easy to overlook one of the most important acquistions the Sonics made this summer...

No, he won't be lighting up the scoreboard, like Kevin Durant, and he won't be tossing alley-oops, like Jeff Green, but the Sonics new head coach PJ Carlesimo will probably end up doing a little bit of everything for the franchise.

For those of you that remember, PJ used to coach the Portland Trail Blazers (from 1994 to 1997) and he has really seen success almost everywhere he's coached. The only knock on PJ is that he's a notoriously intense individual. Even though he stands about 5'10", he's one of the more intimidating people you will ever meet...

At least that's what I thought.

Having just wandered through the press room, I was shocked to see Coach Carlesimo joking with the press, stopping to sign autographs, and looking generally excited to be back at the helm of an NBA franchise. With such a young team, it's tough to expect much from the Sonics this year, but one thing is for certain: PJ will get the most out of his players.


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Guess who's back, back again...
posted: at 6:22 PM

It's 42 minutes before game time, and you can already feel the buzz here in the Rose Garden! The fresh leather balls have been freed from their vacuum sealed prisons, the Trail Blazers logo at midcourt is still glistening from that last coat of glossy new paint and most of all the brand new HD screen is hanging like a beacon of freedom high above the Rose Garden floor.

Man, what a screen!

I'm 97% sure that the new screen is bigger than my house and I'm only half joking.

David Ortiz, who just lined an RBI single for those of you that aren't tuning into the World Series right now, looks larger than life. I can only imagine how "The Office" would look. Someone might confuse Steve Carell for Godzilla...

Anyways, for those of you that don't remember or are new to the Game-Time Blog, I'm back again for another year. Yes, thank you, please hold your applause... Seriously... No applause necessary. Ok, maybe a little...

Most importantly, with one year under my belt, I've got a whole new bag of tricks up my sleeve. Some of them, my bosses don't even know about, so GET EXCITED!


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Seattle in town, no Durant
posted: at 6:05 PM

The preseason match-up between Oden and Durant will have to wait another year. Of course, we knew that due to Greg Oden's season ending micro-fracture surgery. The other half of that match-up, Kevin Durant, will miss this preseason match-up due to an ankle sprain he incurred during the over-time loss to the Golden State Warriors last night. Stay tuned for all the action here as we blog LIVE from the Rose Garden. We've got some cool things planned, so stay tuned.


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