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Welcome to Fan Appreciation Night
posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 7:13 PM

This is it. Home game No. 41 out of 41. The Grizzlies are in town, which means a steady dose of Rudy Gay. He's good.

Juan Carlos Navarro, countryman and sometimes teammate of Sergio Rodriguez, gets on the board first with a runner in the key. The Grizz start a small back court consisting of Navarro and Mike Conley Jr. Rudy Gay is a hybrid sg/sf, so that helps.

Blazers have missed their first three shots. One from Blake, one from Jack and one from Aldridge. Navarro still has the only bucket with 10 minutes left to play in the quarter.

Blogger BlazerBlondie said...

Go Blazers! What a season it has been! It will be amazing to see the talent of the Blazers come together next season. Woohoo!!!

6:44 PM  

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