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Free-throws should seal the deal...
posted: Saturday, April 14, 2007 at 9:18 PM

Jarrett Jack heads to the line and these two free-throws should put the final nail in the Sonics coffin.

Jack now has 24 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists to lead all Trail Blazers, but he couldn't have done it without Travis Outlaw, who finished with 22 points and 4 rebounds, and Martell Webster, who scored 17 points and pulled down 6 rebounds.

With 29.8 seconds left, Jack will again go to the line. After making 1 of 2, Jack finished with 25 points on Jarrett Jack bobblehead night...

Sergio Rodriguez came off the bench and really sparked the Trail Blazers offensive attack as well. The rookie from Spain scored 9 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and dished 4 assists, including the highlight of the night when he found Freddy Jones with a no-look pass and Jones slammed it down with a one-hand tomahawk dunk.

Jamaal Magloire led the Trail Blazers in rebounds by grabbing 15 boards. He also scored 9 points for Portland.

Rashard Lewis really turned things around in the second half after a quiet initial showing. Lewis finished with 29 points and grabbed 6 boards for the Sonics.

Final score in the Rose Garden is Trail Blazers 108, Sonics 102!

Blogger Ignacio said...

Sergio, good season and better future you will have¬° Spain supports Blazers

12:15 PM  

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posted: at 9:14 PM

Alaska Airlines non-stop scorers of the game were Jarrett Jack and Travis Outlaw, who both had 20 points when the announcement was made.

Travis Outlaw broke the tie with a jumper as the shot clock was winding down, but Jarrett Jack dumped in his 22nd point with two free-throws on the ensuing possession.

It's now 105 - 98 with 44.9 left in the fourth quarter.

Blogger Ignacio said...

Thanks sergio for this unbelievable year. You will be the first guard with Roy. Go Sergio¬°

12:13 PM  

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It's a block party!
posted: at 9:12 PM

And Travis Outlaw is throwing it at the Rose Garden!

Twice, Outlaw rejected Sonics forward Chris Wilcox on hook shots from deep in the paint.

It's 101 - 98 with 1:25 left in the fourth quarter.


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Chalupa time!
posted: at 9:10 PM

Courtesy of Jarrett Jack!

The Sonics defense broke down like an old engine and Jack turned an open lane into two points!

Trail Blazers lead 101 - 96 with 1:54 left in regulation.


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Chalupa TIME!!!
posted: at 9:07 PM

Jamaal Magloire converted on a no-look pass from Travis Outlaw and drew the foul to give the Trail Blazers an opportunity for a three-point play.

After nailing the free-throw, the Trail Blazers had a 99 - 93 lead over the Sonics, and the Rose Garden crowd was only 1 point away from a free dinner courtesy of Taco Bell.

Cha-lup-a! Cha-lup-a! Cha-lup-a!


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There's a new Outlaw in town!
posted: at 9:00 PM

Sergio Rodriguez has connected with Travis Outlaw on two consecutive plays to give the forward two easy baskets.

Both attempts, however, resulted in foul shots.

The third time down the floor, Sergio found Jamaal Magloire for a dunk, but once again, the Sonics chose to foul before giving up the easy basket.

Fans of "Spanish Chocolate" have to be wondering why the NBA doesn't record passes which result in foul shots as assists. Even though the rookie point guard created 3 wide open shot attempts, none of them were chalked up as assists because the opposing team chose to foul.

With 4:32 left in the game, it's 96 - 93 Trail Blazers!

-Sonics Coach Bob Hill was hit with a technical for arguing both the foul on Jamaal Magloire as well as a play on the other side of the floor in which it appeared that Mike Wilks was knocked off the glass during a fastbreak lay-up attempt. No foul was called and, as a result, Coach Hill felt the referees needed to hear his opinion.


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Toyota "Shoot for a Truck"
posted: at 8:52 PM

Portland's favorite contest is coming to a close tonight, as the Trail Blazers send their last lucky fan to mid-court for one chance to win a brand new Toyota Tundra.

Two lucky Trail Blazers fans have already cashed in for new trucks this season.

The rules are simple... 1 shot from half court. If you make it, you're riding home in a new Tundra. If not, you're taking the MAX home like everybody else...

Tonight's contestant looks like he's been around a basketball court, but his shot is.... WIDE LEFT!

It looked good for a second but it turned out to be way wide, so it looks like Toyota will only have to give away two trucks on the season...

With 6:51 left, we're nearing Chalupa Time here in the Rose Garden. Point guard Sergio Rodriguez has diced up the Sonics defense like they were a team full of fresh vegetables, putting in 9 points and also dishing 4 assists in his limited action.

The Trail Blazers lead 91 - 84.


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Rain drops...
posted: at 8:48 PM

Keep fallin' on my head...

At least they do if you're Sonics forward Mickael Gelabale.

Sergio Magnifico turned a pick-and-roll into a "I'll do it myself" tear drop two points to give the Trail Blazers a 4-point lead.

Travis Outlaw extended that lead with a mid-range jumper of his own.

It's now 85 - 81 after a Sonics basket and there's only 8:20 left to play in regulation.


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Celebrate BlazerMania!
posted: at 8:37 PM

Don't forget that the Trail Blazers will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their World Championship during their Wednesday game against the Golden State Warriors.

Portland will also retire the jersey of Lionel Hollins during the game.

Hollins was an invaluable member of the Trail Blazers championship squad and he'll join the likes of Bill Walton, Maurice Lucas and Jack Ramsay who are among those retired by the Trail Blazers organization.

As the third quarter comes to a close, it's been the Webster and Jack Show for the Trail Blazers. The two guards have both scored 17 points, but their effort has been all but matched by Seattle's Rashard Lewis.

Lewis has led a Sonics rally that has cut the Trail Blazers lead to just one point at 79 - 78.

Beyond the score, the Sonics and the Trail Blazers have played each other dead even here in the third. After struggling early, the Sonics have hit 5 three-pointers compared to the 7 knocked down by the Trail Blazers, but Portland has been slightly edged in the paint.

Seattle has scored 32 points in the paint to the Trail Blazers 30 points.

Portland has a slight edge in assists, 18 - 17.


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You Don't Know JACK!
posted: at 8:29 PM

Or else you'd know, he's cash-money from the free-throw line.

The second year point guard took it coast-to-coast on a fastbreak and laid the ball in over his defender. Jack then hit the ensuing free-throw for the good ol' fashioned "And 1."

Martell Webster followed up Jack's three-point play with a highlight reel basket of his own. Webster must've been watching "Champions on Ice" in the locker room, because he performed a perfect triple salchow before fading away and hitting a tough jumper over Sonics forward Chris Wilcox.

The Rose Garden crowd gave him all 10's for the move, but that tough Russian judge turned in a 9.5.

Webster now has 17 points to lead all Trail Blazers.

Portland now leads 75 - 70 with just under 3 minutes left in the third.


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Standing Ovation for Blaze!
posted: at 8:12 PM

After showing how much Trail Blazers mascot, the flying cat Blaze, would do for love- including buying groceries, doing the laundry, and carrying his girlfriend over puddles, Blaze's relationship came to a quick end when he found out she was a Sonics fan...

Poor Blaze...

But there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

On the floor, however, the Sonics have cut into the Trail Blazers 10-point lead and made it a whole new ball game. With 8:05 left in the third, the Trail Blazers lead 62 - 60.


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Lucky #7!
posted: at 8:01 PM

And we're talking three-pointers!

Martell Webster connected again for his 13th point and the Trail Blazers 7th three of the night.

As time expired on the second half, the Trail Blazers now lead 60 - 50, thanks in large part to the sharp-shooting of Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster and point guard Jarrett Jack.

Webster leads the Trail Blazers with 13 points, but Travis Outlaw and Jarrett Jack are close behind with 10 points each.

Jarrett Jack also leads the team in assists with 4.

It's important to point out that Jack's backups, Sergio Rodriguez and Dan Dickau, have also been stellar. Both have 5 points each, and they've combined for 5 assists as well.

Jack's counterpart, Mike Wilks of the SuperSonics, has led his team with 11 points and 5 points, making it a true battle of the backcourts!

The biggest difference between the two teams has been the inability for Seattle to find small forward Rashard Lewis. Lewis has contributed a relatively quiet 7 points, which is particularly shocking considering he is Seattle's most explosive offensive weapon.

With the TNT DUNK SQUAD lighting up the arena with all sorts of trampoline aided dunks, you can literally feel the excitement building in the Rose Garden for Trail Blazers basketball. Not only does it look like Portland will finish the season strong, the Trail Blazers also have a chance to reward tonight's sold-out crowd with FREE CHALUPAS!

60 points down, only 40 more to go, and we're all getting free dinner!


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Freddy for 3!
posted: at 7:56 PM

That's 5 points and 2 assists for Oregon's own Freddy Jones, and that's 6 three-pointers for the Trail Blazers who are on fire from the perimeter.

Seattle has only hit one shot from beyond the arc.

Portland now leads the SuperSonics 49 - 43 with 2:51 left in the half.

During the timeout, the Rose Garden crowd got a chance to play trivia with Jarrett Jack.

The question was: Jarrett Jack was originally drafted by which team?
a) The Trail Blazers
b) The Hawks
c) The Nuggets
d) The Knicks

Of course, the correct answer is C - The Denver Nuggets.


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We're going to Cabo!!!
posted: at 7:41 PM

That is, if you're Trail Blazer fan Valerie!

After finishing in the Top 3 of a beanbag toss where contestants had to plant their beanbag closest to the center of the Trail Blazers logo at mid-court, Valerie ran away with the Tricycle race to decide which Trail Blazer fan gets the all expenses paid trip to Cabo San Lucas.

No word yet on who she will take with the second ticket...

Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster lead the Trail Blazers with 10 points apiece, but it has been the combination of Sergio Rodriguez and Dan Dickau that has killed the Sonics.

Sergio has 3 points and 3 assists and Double-D has put in 5 points and dished 2 assists.

The Trail Blazers lead by 10, 44 - 34, with 6:17 left in the second quarter.


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Oh no!
posted: at 7:33 PM

After Travis Outlaw nailed an 18 foot jumper to give the Trail Blazers a two point lead to end the first quarter, the Sonics took the ball the length of the court and put up a last second three-pointer.

The shot banked wildly off the backboard, but was then tipped in by Sonics forward Johan Petro. The replay made it look like the shot was well after time expired, but the referees seemed to disagree.

Upon reviewing the play, however, the basket was revoked and the Trail Blazers took a two point lead into the second quarter, 26 - 28.

Things got going in a hurry in the second quarter as Sergio Rodriguez connected with Fred Jones on a "That's Jones, Mr. Jones" one-handed tomahawk slam dunk.

The Trail Blazers have put some distance between them and the SuperSonics as they now lead 36 - 30 with 8:37 left to play in the second quarter.


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Dunkin' like donuts?
posted: at 7:22 PM

With Travis Outlaw, Freddy Jones and Martell Webster all on the floor at the same time, you never know when one of them is going to get cleared for take off and slam one home...

Who knows? We might also get a "Look Ma, No Eyes" slamma-jamma from Jamaal Magloire!

Sergio Rodriguez and Luke "I Am Your Father" Schenscher have checked in for the Trail Blazers, giving both Jarrett Jack and Jamaal Magloire some time off.

Schenscher is yet another great story for this year's Trail Blazers. After spending most of the season roughing up the NBA Development League, the Trail Blazers gave the forward/center a shot and he's taken full advantage.

If you don't believe me, just ask Yao Ming! Schenscher led the Trail Blazers comeback and torched the 7'6" center from China as the Trail Blazers nearly pulled off a 25-point rally against the Rockets.

As time winds down in the first quarter, the Trail Blazers have tied the score once again on a Travis Outlaw three-pointer... And then a second three by Martell Webster! It's 26 - 26...


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Keeping up with Mr. Jones...
posted: at 7:17 PM

Even though he's giving up an estimated 8 inches in height, Freddy Jones has done an outstanding job early of fronting Rashard Lewis.

Lewis has two points, but they came on a fastbreak lay-up. He has yet to score on Freddy Jones.

Jarrett Jack has the bobbleheads rocking with 6 quick points in the first quarter, but it is Martell Webster who is stealing the show.

Webster has 7 points to lead all Trail Blazers.

With 4:06 left in the first quarter, the Trail Blazers have a one point lead over the Sonics, 17 - 16.


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All's fair in love & basketball...
posted: at 7:10 PM

Right before tip-off, a majority of the Sonics roster went over and showed some love to Mr. Sonic and current Trail Blazers Coach Nate McMillan.

Prior to coaching the Trail Blazers, Coach McMillan led the Sonics to the playoffs and many of the same players on McMillan's roster still put in work for Seattle.

Elsewhere in the Rose Garden, one can't help but notice the stand-out crowd that has packed the Trail Blazers arena. It is easily one of the largest crowds of the year and the Trail Blazers are expecting another sell-out crowd on Wednesday when the Trail Blazers take on the Golden State Warriors for their season finale.

Martell Webster got the Trail Blazers going with two quick buckets, including a slashing lay-up right through the defense of Rashard Lewis. Despite the early flurry, the Trail Blazers are knotted up with the Sonics at 8 points apiece.


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And then there was one...
posted: at 7:01 PM

With rookie forward/center LaMarcus Aldridge already down due to a newly discovered heart condition, the Trail Blazers must also overcome the loss of future R.O.Y. Brandon Roy...

Roy was a game-time decision tonight and the Trail Blazers staff made the decision that he will not play.

On the other side, the SuperSonics will be without All-Star shooting guard Ray Allen.

Roy and Ray had three great battles in the three previous meetings between these two teams and it is a shame that tonight's capacity crowd will not get to witness Round 4...

Without Aldridge, Roy, Randolph, Pryzbilla, and Udoka, the Trail Blazers are starting a new-look lineup of Martell Webster, Jamaal Magloire, Raef LaFrentz, Jarrett Jack and, arguably the biggest surprise of the night, shooting guard Freddy Jones!


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Tee-shirts! Get your tee-shirts!
posted: at 6:40 PM

As if the primetime match-up between to I-5 rivals wasn't enough reason to get to the Rose Garden, it's Jarrett Jack bobblehead night!

The first 2,000 fans in attendance tonight received a Jarrett Jack bobblehead to commemorate the sophomore's stand out year as the Trail Blazers starting point guard.

Additionally, all merchandise purchased within the Rose Garden, including tee-shirts, hats, hoodies, and more, is being sold at a 25% discount!

There's never been a better time than now to load up on Brandon Roy jerseys or Trail Blazers basketballs...


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Trail Blazers get set for Weekend finale...
posted: at 6:26 PM

One day after Friday the 13th, the Trail Blazers are ready to do battle with their Northwest rival- the Seattle SuperSonics, but nobody in the Rose Garden is feeling superstitious.

The biggest reason is that Portland's got a lucky #7 on their side. Sources around the league have all but crowned rookie shooting guard Brandon Roy as this year's R.O.Y., a move which is hardly even a surprise to Trail Blazers fans.

Roy has averaged 16.8 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 4 assists on the season.

Tonight, however, the Trail Blazers are expected to take on the SuperSonics sans their starting small forward (Ime Udoka is out with a knee injury), their starting power forward (Randolph is out with a hand injury), their starting center (Pryzbilla) and their second best rookie (Aldridge).

Roy is also banged up. The rookie has been battling a swollen knee for the past couple games and team doctors are uncertain how much strain his legs can handle. It is a game-time decision on whether or not Roy will see action.

Don't expect the Trail Blazers to lay down for their neighborhood rival. The young gunners are more than willing to step up and knock down some shots for Coach Nate McMillan. Jamaal Magloire, Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster, Raef LaFrentz and Sergio "Spanish Chocolate" Rodriguez should expect to see immediate and massive amounts of minutes against the Sonics.

First and foremost, the Trail Blazers need to contain the Sonics most explosive weapon, small forward Rashard Lewis. Without Allen, the Sonics run a majority of their offense through their prep-to-pro star.

Twice, Lewis has exploded for 27 points or more against the Trail Blazers.

It's a battle for I-5 supremacy and with a win tonight the Trail Blazers can even the series and take some momentum into next year's match-up.

It's all going down in front of a capacity crowd here at the Rose Garden and we can hardly wait for tip-off!


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