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He'll get hot eventually
posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 at 8:04 PM

Roy and Aldridge throw the double-team at Kobe. He forces another fadeaway, and again it's no good. Kobe only has eight tonight, but he's bound to shake out of that funk.

And just like that, Kobe drains a three. There's no way you slow him down for a whole game. It's not possible.

One way would be to get him in foul trouble, and he picks up his second while trying to guard Brandon Roy on the drive. Roy makes both, and the Blazers are up 54-45.

Fisher fouls Jack for his third foul. That would be great, expect it brings in Farmar, who's almost just as good. Jack gets free throws with 42 seconds left in the quarter. Good and good.

Cries for "Defense" emanate from the crowd, but I guess the Blazers didn't hear it, as Gasol gets an easy bucket in the post.

20 second timeout with 25 seconds to play in the half. Blazers 56, Lakers 47. It would be nice if the Red and Black could tack on two more before the half.


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