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Make if Raef
posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 at 7:46 PM

Raef LaFrentz digs out his second offensive rebound of the night. He's going to get extended minutes with Joel out for the season, and he's looking up to the task so far.

The Lakers turn it over on a pass to no one, but the Blazers are unable to capitalize on the other end. When you're having a tough time winning games late in the season, you've got to make the other team pay for mistakes.

Jarrett Jack has Sasha Vujacic all over him, but he still manages to hit a three over him. Blazers are shooting 43 percent from three.

Blazers get the steal, but Jack gets stripped by Farmar before he has a chance to turn up the floor. Raef gets called for a blocking foul, which is looked a bit suspect to me.

6:40 to play in the second quarter with the score Blazers 39, Lakers 38.


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