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It's about to go down
posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 9:23 PM

Jarrett Jack keeps ending up covering the much larger Boris Diaw to start the quarter. The Frenchman misses two shots over Jarrett, but he gets his own board, finds Shaq unguarded near the basket, and Channing has to drop the hammer to stop the easy dunk. Shaq makes one of two.

Outlaw misses his first shot of the quarter. Rats.

Shaq and Przybilla get tangled up and their both going to get technicals. Both guys are jawing at each other as the refs come over to diffuse the situation. O'Neal is pushing people left and right. I'd bet Diesel levels someone before this one is over.

Brandon continues to struggle tonight, missing another shot. Barbosa, who's getting real aggressive going to the hoop, gets an easy two then two free throws on the next possession. Blazers are losing touch with every possession.

Suns 94, Blazers 78 with 9 minutes to play. It's going to take something special for the Blazers to avoid their eighth straight loss to the Sunny Boys.

Blogger darb said...

The official box score says Shaq got two T's at 10:18 in the 4th and Joel got 1... wouldn't that constitute Shaq being tossed?

9:42 PM  

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