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Closing out quarters is not easy
posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 9:17 PM

Travis Outlaw is being guarded by Gordon Giricek, so expect a steady diet of jumpers from TO while it lasts. There's no way Gordon can stay with Travis. Just stay aggressive.

Case in point: Travis fouled on the shot. Makes one of two. We're shooting 76% from the line, but it sure feels worse than that.

Steve Nash is being covered by Frye on the switch, and the two-time MVP promptly drains a three in the Buffet of Goodness's eye.

24 second to go in the quarter, Suns lead 85-76. It's getting dangerous. Nash tacks on two more with seconds to go, putting the visitors up 11 with a quarter to play. Ugh.


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