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The Outlaw is on the loose
posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 8:18 PM

Travis, who swears Mississippi State is going to beat Oregon on Friday, is firing on all cylinders tonight. He makes a long two and draws a foul (misses the free throw though). On the next trip he swishes a turnaround jumper. He's got 8 tonight.

Jarrett Jack gets hammered by Shaq on his way to the hoop, but the whistles stay silent. Shaq gets the board, but his big clodhopper is out of bounds when he does so.

On the ensuing possession, Brandon Roy knifes his way between two defenders for the deuce. So pretty.

On the other end, Shaq pushes Przybilla in the chest while trying to clear out space in the lane. Diesel may have gotten away with that move a few years ago, but when the skills diminish, so too do the number of times you can assault defenders without getting called for a foul. Shaq's been grouchy all night. Get some sleep grumpypants, and stop being such a jerk to The Thrilla.

With 5:35 to play in the half, the score is Suns 43, Blazers 42.


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