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Trouble on the inbounds
posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 at 9:27 PM

The Blazers use two timeouts, and they still manage to turnover the inbounds play. The Lakers are going to apply pressure for the rest of the game. The Blazers need to be ready.

Blazers get nothing on the offensive end. Vujacic gets a good look at a three, and it's off, but Frye pushes Gasol in the back on the rebound, and he'll shoot free throws. Misses the first, makes the second. 102-96 Blazers. It's getting scary.

Blake misses a three, and the Lakers rebound. Vlad takes another three, which is probably unnecessary, and he misses. Blazers get the board, and Outlaw gets the layup.

Vlad doesn't miss twice when he's that open. Three is good. 104-99 Blazers.


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