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McCants can, but so can Outlaw
posted: Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 8:47 PM

The Blazers get out on the break, and Steve Blake tries to find someone to dish to. But he inevitably finds himself open and decides to shoot the short jumper for himself. It's good.

McCants, as he's done a couple of times tonight, answers with a long three late in the shot clock. T-Wolves right back in it.

But not if Travis has anything to do with it. The Outlaw elevates, hits the two and gets fouled. Three point play the old fashioned way.

Blazers get a block, and they're going the other way again. James Jones finds his favorite corner, and he drills the three. He was so open, he probably could have shot it twice.

With 8:29 to play, it's Portland 93, Minnesota 85. You get the feeling that the Blazers could put the T-Wolves away if they could stretch the lead to double digits.


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