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Lucky Number 13!
posted: Sunday, December 30, 2007 at 5:16 PM

Portland wins the 13th in a row! Final Score 97-72.
Congrats Portland!

Blogger Blazers #1 said...

YEAHHHHH i have been listening in the Blazers radio station..first of all GREAT GAMEEE and i nearly smoked a pack of ciggarets before the 3rd quarter..CRAZY 4TH quarter got me in trouble with me appartment manager because the whole building was waubling from the noise of Brain Wheeler on 750.KXL..Great blazer game they showed philly what were really about BEATING THEM BY 25 points..hahahaha that satisfied everything for me not just the win but a BLOWOUT which they did in SPECTACULAR way the whole game was my dream come true in my brain thats exaclty how i wanted the blazers to win and i felt the fourth quarter just BURNING the life out of philly it was AWESOME. THANK YOU BLAZERS YOUU AREE ALLL SUPERSTARS AND I LOVE TO WATCH YOU GUYS PLAY..:)i am not going to say anything about 2morrow because our team is playing good basketball and i know if they play together they will win...GOOOO BLAZERSSS

6:19 PM  
Blogger BlazerRed said...

Incredible end to the 3rd and entire 4th quarter. The RG was full and we were all on our feet cheering the team on. It was a great victory - emphatic and decisive. We absolutely obliterated Maurice's team in the 4th. Fun!! Gonna be a tough game tomorrow against a Utah team with revenge on their minds and looking for anything good to stem their losing streak. Take it to 'em Blazers and make it 14! Wheeeeeee!!

8:02 PM  

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